“All treatments at your disposal”

In Vidarte we perform all dental treatments, for which we have a team of specialists in each area.
Dental crown, abutment and implant. 3D illustration of human teeth and dentures on white background.

Dental Implants

This clinic uses Alpha-Bio Tec implants. With over 30 years of experience, Alpha-Bio Tec uses in the manufacture of its implants the highest quality titanium known; grade 5 (TI 6AI 4V ELI).




Nowadays there are many different orthodontic treatments: braces, interceptive appliances, Invisalign or Invisible Orthodontics.

Our excellent Dr. Cristina Marín, will advise you on the optimal type of orthodontics for your case, carrying out the treatment to ensure the perfect result.


Dental Aesthetics

At Vidarte Dental we work with the best laboratories and use exclusive materials for our treatments.

Do you want to wear a perfect smile? Let us show you the result using our 3D technology, even before you start your treatment.


Dental Prosthesis

Dental absences have a negative impact on many aspects of our body’s health. Therefore, it is essential to recover the functionality of your mouth and to chew in a balanced way.

At Vidarte Dental we will advise you on the different types of prosthesis and we will recommend the best option for your case.



Early detection of periodontitis is essential to carry out an adequate and effective treatment.

Bleeding, gingival recession or bad breath may be symptoms of periodontal disease. If you have noticed any of them, come to us as soon as possible to study your case immediately.



When we feel a very sharp pain in any of our parts, sometimes it is
produced by contact between the nerve of the tooth and a large cavity or fracture.
In these cases we perform what is commonly called “killing the nerve” in order to preserve the tooth in the mouth without having to extract it.

To perform this delicate treatment, our team includes Dr. Pedro Luna Toledano, a renowned endodontist specialist.


Tooth whitening

Philips Zoom: With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, you can achieve a whiter smile with just one session at your dentist.

Philips Zoom is the most requested whitening brand by patients. Whitens up to 8 shades in a single 45-minute session.

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