Dental prosthesis in Málaga

Prosthesis? Before you start imagining the classic removable dentures of yesteryear, let me let you in on a secret. Dentures have advanced by leaps and bounds, and if you are looking for dentures in Malaga you are in the right place to find out.

What is a Prosthesis?

Dentures are devices designed to replace missing or damaged teeth, restoring chewing function, esthetics and improving overall oral health. Either fixed (implants, crowns, etc…) or removable. But beyond that technical description, it is the way to enjoy a full and healthy mouth again.


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What types of dentures are there?

There are several types of dentures, each designed to address different oral needs and conditions. Below, we describe the main types of dentures and when their use is recommended:


1. Complete Dentures (Total Dentures):

Complete dentures are removable prostheses that replace all the teeth in a dental arch (either the mandible or maxilla).

Recommendation: They are recommended when the patient has lost all teeth in one jaw or maxilla. They are an affordable option for restoring a complete smile.


2. Partial Dentures:

These prostheses replace only a few teeth in a dental arch. They are attached to the surrounding natural teeth using clasps or other attachment methods.

Recommendation: They are ideal when only a few teeth are missing and the surrounding natural teeth are strong enough to support the prosthesis.


3. Fixed Prosthesis (Crowns and Bridges):

Undoubtedly, the most comfortable and effective option to replace lost teeth is by means of fixed prostheses. From the placement of a single implant to the rehabilitation of complete arches by means of screw-retained prostheses.

Recommendation: Crowns are used to strengthen damaged teeth, while bridges are an option when one or more adjacent teeth in a row are missing.


4. Removable Prosthesis:

These prostheses can be removed and replaced in the mouth. They can be complete or partial, and are fastened by different methods, such as clips or connectors.

They are used when tooth replacements are needed but a fixed solution is not possible or desirable, or when the patient’s oral health is unstable.


5. Dental Implants:

Dental implants are pieces of zirconium that are inserted into the jaw bone and act as artificial roots to support artificial teeth (crowns) or complete dentures.

Recommendation: Implants are ideal for people with good oral health and sufficient jaw bone. They are the most durable and natural option for replacing missing teeth.

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Dental prosthesis in Málaga

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