Endodontics in Malaga

At Vidarte Dental, we are committed to providing the best dental services for the care of your teeth and gums. One of the treatments we offer in our clinic in Malaga is endodontics, an advanced technique that can save a damaged tooth and relieve oral pain. Below, we will explain what endodontics is and why it is important.

What is endodontics and what does it consist of?

Endodontics, also known as “root canal treatment,” is a dental procedure aimed at saving a tooth that is severely damaged or infected. This treatment involves the removal of the dental pulp (nerve) and the cleaning and sealing of the inside of the tooth. Endodontics allows you to keep the natural tooth instead of extracting it, so your tooth can continue to shine without discomfort.


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Types of endodontics

Root canals are classified according to the number of canals in the root of the tooth. Not all the pieces of our teeth are the same inside, and the number of roots varies from one to another, and with it the number of root canals. According to this number, we will classify endodontics in three different ways:


1. Uniradicular endodontics:

As its name suggests, this is the endodontic procedure for teeth with a single root canal. These are the incisors (both central and lateral), upper and lower canines and first and second premolars of the lower dentition.


2. Biradicular endodontics:

In this case, the intervention is performed on teeth with two root canals, as is the case of the upper second premolars.


3. Multi-radicular root canals:

When the tooth has more than two root canals, this endodontic treatment is performed. This occurs in upper molars, in which each root usually has two canals and, taking into account that molars have two roots, we would usually find a total of four canals.

However, it is important to remember that anatomy is not an exact science, and that although the number of canals of each tooth is usually the number we have indicated, alterations in this number can be found in some patients.

This only means that the endodontist must be sure to locate them all before the intervention to ensure the success of the endodontic treatment. endodontics in Malaga, in Vidarte Dental.

Endodontics in Malaga

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