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Are you looking for a periodontics specialist in Malaga? You have come to the right place. At Vidarte Clinics, we are experts in the care of your teeth and gums and we understand how important it is for your health. That’s why we are committed to always keeping your mouth “on point”, making you smile again with confidence.

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the study and treatment of periodontal diseases, also known as gum disease. These diseases affect the tissues that surround and support the teeth, including the gums, alveolar bone, root cementum and periodontal ligament.

Sometimes, those discomforts we feel are not simple cavities, but signs that something deeper is going on.


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Do I need a periodontist?

When you are looking for information about periodontics in Malaga, it is crucial to understand what this treatment consists of. It is not simply “cleaning gums”, but most patients need to have a specialist who performs follow-up and maintenance over time. In this way we ensure that periodontal disease is kept “at bay”.

Periodontists are specialized dentists dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases. They use various techniques and procedures, such as deep cleaning of dental roots (scaling and root planing), periodontal surgery, tissue grafts and bone regeneration, to treat these conditions and maintain healthy gums and tooth support.

Maintaining good periodontal health is essential for preserving natural teeth throughout life and avoiding more serious oral health complications. Therefore, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene at home, which includes regular brushing, flossing and regular dental examinations, as well as consulting a periodontist if signs of periodontal disease are present.

Most common periodontal diseases

In general terms we can distinguish two main conditions: gingivitis and periodontitis. Both can seriously compromise your dental health if not treated in time:

Clínica Dental en Málaga
Clínica Dental en Málaga

1. Gingivitis.

It is an early and reversible stage of periodontal disease if treated early. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that is usually caused by a buildup of bacterial plaque at the gum line.

Common symptoms include red, swollen and bleeding gums during brushing or flossing, these symptoms are a good way to identify what we need to see a dentist urgently.

Clínica Dental en Málaga
Clínica Dental en Málaga

2. Periodontitis.

If gingivitis is not properly treated, it can progress to a more serious disease called periodontitis. In periodontitis, the gums separate from the teeth, forming periodontal pockets that become filled with bacteria. This can lead to alveolar bone degradation and, in severe cases, tooth loss.

Periodontitis requires professional periodontal treatment to control it and prevent its progression. The commonly called “Pyorrhea” is a disease that, if not treated in time, can cause the loss of all our dental pieces. It’s not something you should take lightly.

Clínica Dental en Málaga
Clínica Dental en Málaga

Periodontics in Malaga

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